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JusTalk ApplicationJusTalk Free Video Chat Application

JusTalk is a high-quality free Video Chat Application for all Android users. That allows you to send messages, make audio, video calls and to share locations with whomever you feel comfortable and secure. Even enables you to draw the sketch for coworkers, family, and gossips. Using JusTalk Application you can take part in video conferences and can join video call groups with two or many peoples you want however no limitations.

Sometimes you want to go out, where needs ideas from friends let’s make a poll about that topic and you can get relative ideas or votes from all friends. It avoids you to video calling and saves MBs to waste, as is being done in other traditional applications (such as WhatsApp, LINE etc)

JusTalk Application just needs a stable WIFI or 3G-4G connection that won’t cut out on you. Plus, it lets you bring together as you want. Also notifies about other already joined friends to communicate with all of them simultaneously reliable and in a secure way.


Login or Sign-up in JusTalk Application

At first, Download this application from Google Play Store (services)

When you would install it, click on the login/signup button on the most upper right corner. By clicking you would need to enter your contact number (select country) and full name and click on the sign-up button. Google verify it’s you and will send you a verification code that you would enter to use this Application officially.

Features of JusTalk Video Chat Application

One of the most effective features of JusTalk Application it provides chat system. That is need of everybody today, with audio and video calls feature. It also enables you to draw sketches about your thoughts to understand the listeners. You can draw whatever on your screen it will be displayed on another connected person screen.

One of the main rare features of lets you allows to change the theme, ringtones, record your calls, and can modify your video settings to get taste and preferences.

JusTalk for Kids

The newest feature of JusTalk Application is for kids, where anybody cannot interrupt your children.  Even anybody cannot send messages and calls. The only allowed persons can contact them.


JusTalk Application is safe and secure, even you can block anybody that is irritating you. Either messages and audio, video calls are encrypted with an end-to-end system.

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