admin December 15, 2018

IMO Free Video Chat Application

IMO is a Free High-Quality Video and Chat application for all of Android users. In the beginning, it was only messaging application that could send messages on different social networks. But the Owner of  IMO Application enhanced it and now it is a free audio, video calls application. This Application is totally free to download and sign up.

IMO is a user-friendly Application that can be used by everybody, it is easy to use, secure and reliable. This is an international application whenever you go abroad so you can make audio, video calls, share images and locations. In this Application, there is no limit to the number of calls that can be made over this service even you can make many calls as you want. IMO Application is also available for Desktop and for iPhones users.

This application can be utilize for individual and group video calls. However, you can make calls with many friends in live video call and as a group conference call. It’s a feature of leading all-in-one communication now lets you connect with family and friends. And now in top-10 rankings.

To be honest, This Application is quite limited compare to other applications. It’s got quite a user-friendly interface, no support for emoticons and no customizing fonts, only needy features that we find in similar applications. Because it is simply modifiy for business and to stay connected with family.

Login or Sign-up in IMO

As first to use, download IMO from Google Play Store. After downloading and installing, it will demand phone number and Name to Sign-up. Also, verify by sending a verification code on your contact number. After that, it would notify you about your all sign-up contacts that are already using this application. To call a contact at IMO, simply select the video or audio icon that appears next to the person’s name. Also to send messages the message box becomes at the bottom.


This application uses the complex number of firewalls and end to end encryption system. Therefore, it is reliable, secure. It is safe to use anybody cannot record your video or audio calls through other applications.