How to find a free lawyer for traffic accident

When we are victims of a traffic accident and we seek car accident lawyer free consultation to claim compensation for us, that search we usually do online and we find many lawyers who say they are free. It is important to know if this is really the case and that it implies that the lawyer’s service is free.

In the first place when we suffer an accident we have to differentiate if it was produced when we drove our vehicle, motorcycle or bike, or if it was an accident, or if it was like the occupants of a third vehicle.

Car accident lawyer free consultation

We differentiate these situations because we must distinguish if the injured person has a legal defense coverage or not. The Legal Defense consists of an insurance coverage, either of the vehicle or of the home, which covers the legal defense of the insured in two aspects, through the assignment of a lawyer, and such designation by the company is subsequent to the study of the viability of the case, that is, it does not always grant it.

The other option is for the injured person to choose the lawyer they most like knowing that said insurance has an amount destined to the payment of that lawyer. The amount varies depending on the insurance we have, with a minimum of € 600 to € 3000 from some companies. Said amounts are paid directly to the insured once they are justified and provide a series of requirements such as:

  • Reception of compensation by the injured party.
  • Minute of the lawyer disaggregated and justified according to the fees of the corresponding Professional Associations.

In the case of having suffered a traffic accident while driving the vehicle, there is no problem, since all companies have legal defense coverage, in greater or lesser amounts. The problem arises when we are pedestrians or occupants since as pedestrians we have to look at home insurance, which does not always cover the abuses or traffic accidents as occupants of a bus for example. If we are occupants of a not guilty vehicle we can claim the legal defense to the vehicle insurance where we travel with the driver.

The lawyers specialized in traffic accidents usually charge a percentage of the compensation obtained by the injured, which is called ” Litis fee “. The percentage varies according to each office and the area of Spain, ranging from 10% to 20% plus VAT as usual. This form of collection guarantees the injured party that the lawyer will fight for the maximum of his compensation since his compensation will depend on his bill.

Therefore, in the event that we suffer a traffic accident and look for a lawyer, the first thing that they have to inform us is how much we have available for the lawyer of free designation, that is, what amount we have of Legal Defense, since if we have an amount High, most likely, the attorney we designate will be released for free.

The form of payment is always that the percentage is paid to the lawyer first, and the latter issues the corresponding minutes to the company, who once verified that it is correct, transfer it to the account number of the injured party or occupant or through a check nominative. For this, they have up to 90 days to make the payment from the moment of sending the bill.

Legal Defense coverage can be claimed up to two years after generating the obligation on the part of the insurer, that is since the lawyer is paid.

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