How much does a lawyer charge for a traffic accident?

Obviously, we start in this article on the basis that each law firm can put the fees that it pleases with respect to the services they provide to their clients. They are – it would be more – in their right, just as users are to compare the prices that each service provides for the same service. Within these premises today we will discuss how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident.

Traditionally, if it is a traffic accident with injuries, almost all lawyers agreed with the clients a percentage of the compensation obtained in terms of fees. This percentage – called the Litis quota – ranged from 10 percent to 30, and the injured person paid it once he received insurance. If, in turn, the client was covered by a free-of-charge insurance policy, his insurer returned – at least in part – the bill he had paid to the lawyer.


How much does a lawyer charge with the reform of the criminal code

In July 2015 the decriminalization of the offenses takes place with the reform of the penal code. This decriminalization meant that the procedures for claiming compensation for traffic accidents with injuries were processed through civil rather than criminal procedures. One of the consequences of this change is that the injured can no longer go to the assessment of their injuries to the forensic doctor, but they must hire – directly or through their lawyers – a medical expert assessor of the bodily harm.

As a result, since July 2015, in addition to knowing how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident, we must ask whether the medical expert has to look for us or the office provides it, and, above all, whether his bill has to be paid to the doctor. percentage margin of the lawyer is included in it and if any amount has to be paid in advance.

They will understand it better if I explain it from the perspective of the lawyer who has traditionally been carrying claims for accident injuries. In view of the aforementioned reform, my line of action regarding the new cases that reach me must be one of the following:

  1. I keep the percentage that I had been charging to the old clients and I avoid that my client has to hire a medical expert. The problem is that I must accept the valuation made to my client by the expert from the opposite insurer, and I will not have the strength to negotiate upwards, as I will not have an expert report with which to go to court.
  2. I keep the percentage that I was charging old customers, but I refer them to an external medical expert to prepare their reports. Obviously, I can claim a greater compensation, but each injured party must pay – apart from my percentage – an average amount of 600 euros to obtain such expertise and ensure that the valuation doctor will go to trial to defend his report.
  3. Hire a medical expert and integrate it in the office. This will imply, to assume the new expenses, that we should increase the percentage that it had been charging to the old clients (in the case of FM Abogados Tenerife we have gone from charging 10 percent to 15 percent.) The advantage is that our clients They charge a greater compensation, they do not have to pay any funds and they will only pay a percentage of what they charge and when they charge it.

Ok, but in addition to the doctor, why is there such a difference in percentage between offices?

At the time of asking how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident you may find variations that, as I said before, range from 10 to 30 percent. Bearing in mind that the service provided and the results obtained should not vary excessively, one might ask why a lawyer manages to charge three times more than another.

There are several factors that can influence:

  • The volume of clients that the dispatch has. Obviously, if the firm has an average entry of three issues per month, it is very likely that the owner of the same makes the following operation: Money that I need at the end of the month to pull forward / number of clients who hire me on average per month = percentage that I charge. It is clear that if the firm has a significant volume of business, it can have a low price policy that allows it to make its work profitable and, on the other hand, attract more customers attracted by said service quality-price ratio.
  • The infrastructure of the office: For example, in FM Lawyer Accident Traffic Tenerife there are no secretaries, no company cars, nor do we have an office in the center of the city for which we pay a lot or have custom furniture. This allows us to save superfluous costs or mere ostentation.
  • Because you have not called a law firm, but a franchise: This is an extension of the previous factor. If you ask how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident to law firms, probably the percentages they request will move between 10 and 15 percent. If you call franchises instead (of these advertised on television and in the press) do not be surprised if they ask for 30 percent. This is so because of the amount that you pay has to eat the franchisor (the one who had the idea of setting up the franchise), which in turn has to pay for that expensive advertising. The franchisee (who is not a lawyer, and who has to pay a monthly fee to the franchisor for using his brand and benefiting from his advertising) will also want his share. In turn, the franchise has to pay the salesman who attends to him when you go to the offices, and finally, he has to pay the lawyer who really is the one who will do the work. This is, in addition to the services of a lawyer (who would have charged between 10 and 15 percent) you have hired at least three more people who will not do any work for your benefit.

Well, but it does not matter how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident, or if I pay an indecent amount of money to a franchise, because my insurance will return it to me, right?

Well, not exactly. Consider that, on the one hand, the minutes sent by your lawyer to your insurance company must follow the rules set out in the fee book of the professional association in which you are assigned. In Tenerife, for example, the stretch for a medium claim (a whiplash with 60 days and two sequelae) is 11 percent. Therefore, if your lawyer charges 25 percent, more than half of what you pay for your bill will not be returned. Not to mention that most policies include quantity limits with respect to the maximum amount to be reimbursed. Mapfre, for example, only returns a maximum of 600 euros, so if you charge 6000 euros and your lawyer only charges you ten percent, it will be free. If instead you have paid 30 percent, you will lose 1,200 euros.

When asking how much a lawyer charges for a traffic accident , keep in mind that the most expensive service is not always the best. In fact, it’s usually the other way around …

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