How Much Can You Expect in Accidents for a Commercial Truck Accident in Texas?

If you were injured in an accident with a commercial truck, such as a tractor-trailer, or platform, you could face options of “extrajudicial agreements.” Large trucking companies and insurance companies often try to avoid high payments after truck accidents when trying to stop lawsuits and convince victims of truck accidents to accept an offer for smaller amounts. It would be impossible to determine how much your case costs without talking to a lawyer.

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Texas Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

Calculating Damages from Truck Accidents

Si usted o un ser querido fueron heridos en un accidente de camión, podría tener derecho a una compensación sustancial. Podría tener derecho a compensaciones altas si usted perdió a un ser querido en un accidente de auto. En Texas, usted usualmente puede llevar su caso a corte en lugar de depender de compañías de seguro, especialmente si sufrió heridas severas. Esto es a menudo la mejor manera de recuperar daños, y abre las puertas a mayores posibilidades para una compensación. La meta de una demanda de daño personal es restaurar la situación financiera de la víctima logrando que esté como estaba antes de la ocurrencia del accidente.

First, taking your truck accident to court could entitle you to medical expenses. Auto or truck insurance will often pay for medical expenses, but may not cover all. In a lawsuit, the goal is to fully compensate for any expenses that arise from your injuries. This means covering any medical expenses for emergency treatment, surgeries, hospital stays, imaging, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and perhaps even the cost of medical equipment (such as crutches and wheelchairs). Maintaining a good record of your medical bills and treatments can help prove these damages in court.

Second, you may also be entitled to compensation for lost income. If you lost work while recovering from your injuries, or are unable to return to work, you may be entitled to recover your lost checks.

Tercero, podría tener derecho a compensación por dolor y sufrimiento. Esto es a menudo una de las áreas más altas de daños en una demanda de daño personal, y no está típicamente disponible a través de las compañías de seguro. Para obtener esto, usted podría necesitar llevar su caso a corte. Texas no tiene limitaciones en daños por dolor y sufrimiento, así que esto podría ser sustancial para heridas traumáticas al cerebro, heridas de médula espinal, y otras heridas catastróficas.

Finally, you may be entitled to “punitive” or “exemplary” damages. The trucking industry has dozens of rules and regulations designed to keep other drivers safe. When insurance companies put money over security, they may violate these rules or require their drivers to do so. If the breaking of these rules leads to injuries and accidents, the courts could punish them. Additional damages like these go directly to the victim, such as a penalty against the trucking company.

Should I Transfer After A Truck Accident?

The decision to transfer your case or bring it to court is yours. However, your lawyer can guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your case. Although punitive damages are rare, insurance companies may try to force a transaction to avoid punitive damages. They could propose low offers that will not fully compensate for their injuries in order to save money. Finally, damages for pain and suffering could be unavailable for an insurance transaction or trucking companies.

Punitive or exemplary damages are only awarded when the case sees a verdict in a trial. There is little reason for a trucking company to pay punitive damages and self-punish unless ordered by a court. Transitioning in all probability could eliminate the possibility of exemplary damage.

Las compañías de camiones no le representan a usted, la víctima, en un accidente de camión. Su meta en última instancia es proteger a su conductor, su reputación, y su negocio. Esto puede significar intentar bloquear casos o forzar transacciones bajas. Aunque estas ofertar inicialmente parezcan ser atractivas, hable con un abogado antes de aceptar cualquier cosa de una compañía de seguro o camiones, especialmente si resulta severamente herido(a).

In any case of harm, it is very difficult to measure the value of your pain and suffering. Each person’s experience is different, but greatly tied to their specific wounds. A jury ultimately decides damages for pain and suffering, and may be willing to give substantial damages to a severely injured victim. Transferring with the insurance company or trucks will often mean losing your chance to get hurt due to pain and suffering.

Always talk with a lawyer to understand the specific value of your case, and whether a transaction is an option or not.

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