Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are a wonderful way to enjoy the Texas landscape. Just north of the city, many of the motorcyclists ride in the Sam Houston National Forest and on many of the country roads in the state. Unfortunately, a careless act can take the fun out of a trip or a recreational ride. Motorcycle accidents are often severe and change lives. If you have suffered a serious injury after an accident, the Nielsen firm is here to help. We understand the unique injuries and the risks of motorcycle accidents, and will take legal action against those responsible.


Contrary to popular belief, recklessness of the motorcycle driver is not always the cause of serious incidents. Most amateurs are safe drivers who have the skill and experience necessary to ride safely. These are some of the most common causes of harmful motorcycle accidents:

  • Distracted driving Texting, changing the radio, or digging around in a bag forces the driver to take his eyes off the road. It only takes a moment for the traffic environment to change and a driver to lose the slim profile of a motorcycle.
  • If it is not considered a blind spot. Each vehicle has a blind spot, and some are worse than others. Strong controllers remember to use their mirrors and turn their heads to compensate for the lost field of vision. Drivers who stop considering these areas incredibly quickly can cause an accident.
  • Road hazards. Two-wheelers react differently to tides, potholes and loose gravel. Hitting any road hazard at the wrong angle can mean problems for a motorcyclist. Depending on the circumstances of the danger, a road construction team or a third party may be responsible for this accident.


A motorcycle accident presents a risk to the driver at any speed. The open nature of the vehicle adds a different variable to an accident situation. The intensity of the accident can throw the motorcyclists of the motorcycle, leaving a motorcyclist between heavy metal objects and cause serious injuries to the head. Some of the most serious incidents can cause:

  • Deep lacerations and impalement. Without a metallic structure that protects the body, a motorcyclist is vulnerable to branches of trees, exposed metal and other elements that can tear flesh, cause scarring and damage organs.
  • Head and injuries of the spinal cord. Sudden trauma always poses the risk of brain and spinal cord injuries. Internal decay, cut nerves and brain bleeds are just some of the serious complications that can occur – even with the use of a helmet.
  • Burn injuries Road rash and thermal burns are possible in motorcycle accidents. Severe burns often require a long recovery time and can cause permanent disfigurement.

These injuries can change someone’s life in an instant. Taking legal action can not fully restore the quality of life, but it can provide a sense of justice and the compensation needed to achieve maximum recovery. Reach out for a free consultation if you are injured in a motorcycle accident due to the recklessness of another person.


While focusing on recovery, our team will use our extensive resources to investigate the incident and uncover all potential defendants in the case. We can pursue action against the responsible driver, an insurance company that acted in bad faith and any third party that may have contributed to the incident.

All drivers are responsible for maintaining a certain level of care when they get behind the wheel. When they do not and you suffer an injury, remember that the Nielsen signature team is here to help you. Contact us to learn more about our approach to accidents in the Houston area of the motorcycle.

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