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FaceCam Video Chat Application is a Free High-Quality Video and Chat application for all of Android users. It is simple, reliable and secure so never miss a every moment of fun. FaceCam Video Chat application is an easy to use for everybody, you can utilize this application with the expectation of complimentary video talk with your family and gossips.

This app is easy to use, simple, modified for everyone to make communication easy, like as to make foreign countries friends, enjoyment, dating and such type of fun ahead. FaceCam Video Chat application is made up for individual video calls however you can take other friends in live video call as a conference call. Additionally, anyone in irritating you or you’re getting annoyed then you can make video call with somebody, anyone would not meddle or interfere with you.

This is an amazing random video chat app therefore you can use it with strangers to video call or chat. You are effectively tapping on hot young girls and attractive guys and can get great response. By utilizing the FaceCam application you can take pictures and spare recordings instead of you can share photographs and recordings too.

This application gives numerous graphics of video designs/quality like as HD 1080p, HD 720p, 360p and other remaining. The best feature of this app is to invite friends through Facebook, WhatsApp and Contacts.

The most effective feature to add your face in recordings or in gameplay

By utilizing the FaceCam application and game recording program you can add your face in recordings or in a web-based diversion (online games)

To add FaceCam in your gameplay recordings:

Download FaceCam application from the Google Play store.

After completing the installation click on the settings menu and check the “FaceCam add overlay to video” option.

Then click on the game-pad icon or (any face) to put in the game.

Restart the game and play with added your face.

How to record your face and computer screen at the same time:

Click on the rectangle screen to record the screen “Screen Recording Mode”.

You can pause and restart the video by pressing the Function Key F12.

How to record only Face in FaceCam Video Chat Application:

You can record only FaceCam (face) in the FaceCam app.

Download FaceCam app from the (Paste link here)

Click on the FaceCam/HDMI icon and select the “App Recording Mode”.

Therefore, you can use Function Key F12 here!

Uploading on Drive and Social Networks:

FaceCam Live Video Chat application has the greatest features those alternate applications don’t have yet, the Main feature is to upload videos on signed Google-drive and on given/added or subscribers on YouTube or on social networks.

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